The Italian Studies Program at Trinity College offers innovative courses in Italian and in English about the language, culture, and civilization of Italy. Among them are Mythmaking the Italian Nation, Italian Fascism and Anti-Fascism, Otherness in Italian Cinema, Italian Theater as a Way of Life, Italian Design and Culture in a Global Perspective, Reading the Italian Landscape and Food in Italian History, Society, and Art. We also offer courses at all levels of language learning, as well as survey courses in Italian literature. Indeed, the study of language is the launching pad for a more in-depth analysis of Italy’s great literary and cultural tradition. As part of their course work, students are strongly encouraged to study abroad at Trinity’s Rome Campus where all courses count toward the major and minor. Overall , the Italian Studies Program aims to promote critical thinking and understanding about and an appreciation for Italian culture also as a way of better understanding students’ own culture and society. Like other graduates of the liberal arts moreover, our student majors and minors go onto work in different professions, government, and business where they apply the critical thinking and intellectual aptitudes honed at Trinity.


Italian Studies

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